• Embellishing your daily rituals, one piece at a time

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Throwing clay requires an inner stillness, calm and focus. Each gesture of the hands has been repeated over and over until their sequence becomes a reflex, following a feeling rather than a thought process.

Simple, elegant and timeless.

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 A peaceful, quiet environment creates a calm mind and a focused artist.

172 rue St-Pierre is a carefully curated workspace where art and labour come together as one to produce ceramic goods with quality craftsmanship at the forefront.

The Studio

Studio Laroche is located just west of Montréal Canada, in one of the oldest buildings of the region. It overlooks a lazy river that snakes through the town and is just a few steps away from a wooded mountain woven with gorgeous hiking trails. The beauty of nature abounds.

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"I highly recommend Studio Laroche to anyone who is looking for beautiful and lovingly made ceramic goods. The designs are one of a kind and make great presents for friends and family. Catherine is a true professional and can even aid you if you need a custom piece."


"Fantastic work, creative designs and lovely Artist!"


"I highly recommend Studio Laroche to anyone that is looking for beautiful, one of a kind & durable ceramic pieces. I couldn't be happier with my mugs & lanterns."


"Amazingly beautiful works of art."