The Artist

The East Coast of Canada is where open skies, saltwater and earth collide. Its spectacular landscapes put on display Nature’s raw and capricious beauty, at once timeless and ever changing. Catherine’s years spent there while obtaining her BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies at NSCAD University, sparked her love for clay. This timeless medium is, at its core, simply made of earth, minerals and water, yet offers a vast potential for creativity and an opportunity for endless learning. 

After completing her studies, she moved to Montreal, then Massachusetts to continue honing her craft and to lay down the groundwork for establishing her very own studio.

When she returned to her hometown in Quebec in the spring of 2018, she went on the hunt for a space to foster her creativity. She found it in the quiet town of Rigaud, where she now designs small batch collections of ceramic wares inspired by the beauty, simplicity and tranquility of everyday moments. In doing so, her mission is to nurture a healthy, happy way of life through objects that are equally beautiful, meaningful and useful.

 The Studio

The studio resides in a patrimonial building, its first vocation being a post office over a century ago, in the heart of the village. The 600 square foot space now hosts workshops, parties and private lessons for any and all willing to get a little dirty while they learn. It is fully equipped to accommodate every step of the production process, from first throw to firing.  All glazes are mixed in house using raw materials sourced by a local company. Bright windows adorned with an ever-growing collection of plants face the shimmering Rigaud River while shelves lining the walls act as a showroom for patrons to see samples of Catherine’s work. 
To visit, participate in a workshop or take lessons, please get in touch!